NSPCC launches Share Aware campaign

PRESS RELEASE – 9th January 2015:


Today the NSPCC is launching a new online safety campaign. Created with Leo Burnett Change (the specialist arm of Leo Burnett London dedicated to social change) with media planning and buying by OMD UK, ‘Share Aware’ gives parents a range of practical and engaging information and tools to help their children enjoy the web safely.

The campaign launches with an evocative and entertaining short film, “I Saw Your Willy”, that dramatises how quickly things can go wrong when you share things you shouldn’t online. In the film we follow a young boy innocently mucking around with his mate and their smartphones. But a split second decision to share something he shouldn’t creates a snowball effect that follows him wherever he goes. The consequences are devastating. 


OMD UK has developed an innovative media plan with 10″ TV teaser spots launching on Friday 9th January during Coronation Street that will run across the weekend, inviting the audience to view the full film online.  A social media campaign will run concurrently through to the 7th February to raise awareness and educate parents about ‘Share Aware’, as well as opening the conversation about online safety and encouraging parents to share their experiences.

For the first time, social networking sites and apps used by children have been rated for parents, by other parents and children. The NSPCC has used the reviews to develop a new online guide  with digital agency Beyond to help inform parents about the potential risks and benefits of different social networking sites used by children. An NSPCC panel of more than 500 parents from Mumsnet reviewed 48 of these sites.Tessa Herbert, Head of Marketing at NSPCC, said:

“We knew that online safety is one of the top issues that concerns parents and that they often feel out of their depth, out of control and confused. Following on from the success of our Underwear Rule campaign which gave parents a simple way to help keep their children safe from sexual abuse, we wanted to support parents in a similar way by offering tools, tips and content that gave a balanced and informative view of how to keep their children safe online. We worked with Leo Burnett Change who developed an engaging and very impactful creative that illustrated the possible risks of children socialising online and directed parents to further information and advice.”

Share Aware is part of a long-term behavioural change campaign for the NSPCC to help address the growing concern of how to keep children safe online. With its simple and memorable call to action, Share Aware is the “Stop Look and Listen” for the YouTube generation.


We’d love to answer any questions you may have on the above, so for more information on the campaign, please get in touch with OMD UK.


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