The New Possible: The Future of Marketing is powered by data

Day 2: Guardian stage, Oracle Data Cloud CMO Cory Treffilette on the topic of ‘The New Possible: The Future of Marketing is powered by data’

In short, Cory took us through his predictions of what opportunities data is creating for brands not only for today but also in the short to mid-term future. A brave approach, as much of the session was opinion, but the crowd seemed to agree with 99% of his views. I’d be writing forever if I took you through all of his points, so I’ll just speak about the one best received by the crowd (solely based on head nods!)

Data creates identity

Many brands struggle with consumer identity – knowing the difference between an existing customer or not, or even whether a person has previously engaged with the brand. Data allows brands to understand identity which in turn improves efficiency. It empowers brands to tailor communications based on known factors, which should create more effective communications that are more likely to generate a response or create change.

With data enabling brands to know more about the consumer, we are seeing more brands moving to ‘People based marketing’. In short, this is the ability to link multiple devices to a single person, therefore, giving the brand greater control over cross-device communication. However, Cory had his own definition – he believes it is actually where data allows us to recognise the difference between emotion and logic.

Most consumer journeys will have an element of both emotion and logic and therefore, for brands, data is beginning to allow for them to understand what the right balance of emotion or logic they need to deliver in order to better drive effectiveness. Get it right and your communication will be likely to make someone sit up and listen to what you have to say.

Treffilette’s other areas were on convergence of the landscape (something I personally have discussed for many years now) and automation of the jobs we do (we’re all doomed!) but I’ll speak about those another time…


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