Mobile moments going wearable

The proliferation of mobile devices and wearables leaves us as marketers scratching our heads and asking the question: are we really getting the most out of the opportunities for our brands?

Simply the answer is no, at least not until we are able to truly offer an experience that benefits the user.

Born out of the Ukraine, ELEKS is the company looking to bridge this gap through innovative engineering, design and a proposition with user experience at its core. The company was bold enough to develop an unofficial wearable application for Tesla Motors that was so impressive the automotive giant was quick to acquire it. The app – which lets you charge your car, check its mileage, adjust the temperature,  and lock and unlock it in an instant, all from a user’s smartwatch – is testament to what can be achieved whilst the technology is still in its infancy.

Despite working on a plethora of projects across a variety of industries and wearable devices, ELEKS reinforced the notion that with the advent of  The Internet of Things manufacturers need to think smartly to capitalise on the available opportunities for consumers. By having an awareness of when users are engaged in ‘forced’ or ‘discretional’ mobile moments – ie checking a train time through necessity versus actively sparing the time to check notes or emails – it is incumbent on advertisers and the marketing community to tailor our message accordingly. With this tech now sitting on a user’s wrist, ELEKS also identified that the immersion time in a smartphone and smartwatch are very different; while the latter may have shorter ‘mobile moments’ their frequency is a lot higher than the former.
ELEKS certainly provided an interesting insight into how capturing a consumer’s mobile moments and making them worthwhile should be at the forefront of any adtech discussion.


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