Why the MiniDisc still matters

This morning we were treated to an interactive session with Snapchat and my phone battery now at 2% is a testament to how hands-on it was! By scanning codes in the presentation, we could reveal new features and filters which sadly expired after the session or I would be pelting acorns at my colleagues and watching flowers bloom now instead of writing this.

Mark Carroll, Creative Strategist at Snapchat led the session and took us through some great case studies of brands using creative filters to interact with their audience, including one from Pepsi who had a snapcode (Snapchat’s QR) on their product packaging to allow further interaction with their brand in a native environment with great summer-inspired filters.

Snapchat is constantly evolving; have you tried pinching your screen to bring up the map, plotted with hot spots of stories happening all around you? These concentrate the more people are snapping in a particular area, and once they hit a threshold, Snapchat gets involved and starts curating the content so you can find out what everyone’s talking about in any given concentrated area, like a festival.

On the Instagram Story rivalry and whether there has been a resultant drop in Snapchat stories the answer was an emphatic no; the filters, the lenses and the AI, as well as who the user is communicating with is different, so don’t expect Snapchat’s daily users (3 million+) to go down anytime soon!

We were left with an interesting stat (and platform plug); in a seemingly social sound-off world, Snapchat’s figures show that 60% of ads watched on their platform play with sound and all ads occupy 100% of screen real-estate. So, if you’re advertising to the 14-35 market, you might want to look into how you can incorporate Snapchat into your next campaign.


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