Innovating mobile with Unlockd

Thursday’s Innovation Week sessions began with a talk from Unlockd’s Group Account Director, Adam Kosky.

Adam explained that as we invest more time into our mobile devices and hand over more data than ever before, we deserve a better value proposition than the ads we’re currently served.

Unlockd looks to solve the common problems we often face with mobile advertising: it being damaging to the user experience, using up phone data at an alarming rate, with inaccurate targeting and poor creatives. In a particularly troubling statistic, Adam claimed as well as these factors our attention spans have fallen to just 8 seconds, putting us below fish in terms of concentration.

The proposal from Unlockd, therefore, is to isolate the mobile ‘unlocking’ moment (which they claim users go through 150 times per day on average) by serving a single ad on each unlocking occasion. The ad that is served is tailored to each user, based on a brief survey that users are asked to fill out when the app is downloaded. The transparent nature of this data exchange means that mobile advertising no longer needs to be intrusive, and consent is more overt. In exchange for agreeing to provide first-party data, users then gain access to rewards and prizes, some of which are directly related to the app’s ability to geo-target for local offers.

This bold ad serving approach comes at a time when advertisers are increasingly acknowledging that more must be done to improve the user experience.


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