The Importance of Social Media Promoting Summer TV

This summer, it’s not just the glaring sun that has us locked inside, accompanied by all the fans we can buy. With action being called on more and more TV hits, the fight for the biggest audience is becoming absurdly competitive. So, how does a great social media strategy make sure more people are watching your TV show over anyone else’s?

Fan-driven content is becoming incredibly important to the promotion of TV shows. Take, for example, the ITV2 reality show Love Island. ITV2 can take advantage of fans ‘second screening’ as the programme airs, and live tweet as well as make gif and meme-style content which leads the social conversations.

Social awareness doesn’t always go smoothly. In March of this year, HBO took advantage of Facebook Live to reveal the release date of the hotly (no pun intended) anticipated Game of Thrones S7. Encouraging users to comment with ‘fire’ to melt a giant block of ice to reveal the date, the feed had to be paused due to technical difficulties and took over an hour to reveal the date. Resulting in confused and frustrated fans. Even the Lannisters and Starks were united in their bewilderment.

TV has become a community event and a strong social media strategy drives this. It’s about engaging with the fans and allowing them to feel an ownership of the content. And let’s face it, if not for the dedication of the fans, programmes like Love Island and Game of Thrones would not be experiencing the same level of success.


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