Festival Of Creativity – The best ideas you missed at Cannes

We kicked off day two of OMD’s Festival of Creativity bright and early this morning. The smell of freshly-baked croissants lured our audience in, and the ideas filled their hungry minds keeping them rapt in their seats.

This morning was another of our ‘Best of the Best’ series and today we focussed on the less famous ideas, sharing seven sensational ideas from last week’s event:

Creative Effectiveness – GRAACC “Bald Cartoons”
GRAACC helped raise awareness for child cancer and normalised the side effects by creating ‘Bald Cartoons’ who shaved their hair off, the cartoons helped other children not see the sufferers as victims.

Cyber – James Patterson “The Self-Destructing Book”

‘Mother’ helped James Patterson create THE most explosive book launch ever, with the help of 1000 digital only self-destructing books which detonated after 24hrs. A thrilling read!

Media– Transavia “Snack Holidays”

In one of the most unlikely – yet inspired – ideas showcased at Cannes, a French airline created a snack range to sell their affordable flights. The range helped re-frame the flights as impulse purchases.

Media – Sport Clube Do Recife “Security Mums”

At the most violent match of the year a sports club brought in the mums of the hooligans as security guards. This cut all fatalities at the match!

Outdoor – We Are Not Crime “Holograms For Freedom”

How do you protest a law banning protests? You create a hologram protest – because you can’t arrest a hologram. You could add yourself virtually to the protest online! Smart. Simple. Effective.

Branded Content – Nazi’s Against Nazi’s “The Involuntary Charity Walk”

Every year Nazi’s stage a walk through a small German town. To combat this a charity turned it into an involuntary charity walk. For every meter the Nazi’s walked the town donated money to a charity which rehabilitated Nazi’s. The Nazi’s were told they were on a charity walk through outdoor and road markings. The tone was humorous and helped diffuse a difficult situation.

Media– Melanoma Patients Australia “Melanoma Likes Me”

To target a millennial audience who were not taking care of themselves in the sun, ‘Melanoma Patients Australia’ created an Instagram campaign which liked and commented on pictures of millennials in the sunshine. It warned them that Melanoma liked them. Scary but effective.


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