Bauer Big Breakfast Highlights

Last Thursday, OMD UK played host to some big names from Bauer Media in the form of James Dyer – the Digital Editor-in-Chief of Empire Magazine and Ian Wright – football legend and host of Absolute Radio’s award winning Rock ‘n’ Roll football.

Andy Bush, of presenter fame on Absolute Radio, was on hand to interview both guests in front of a packed audience.

James took the first sitting and opened with revelations that Aliens is his favourite film of all time but that Arnold Schwarzenegger is his all-time hero and he recently had the pleasure of going on a date with the big man himself to the Expendables 3 premiere. James explained that the aim of Empire (besides making money) is to treat every film release like Christmas Eve and generate a real buzz whilst enjoying a strange amnesty with film companies to not butt heads – although they don’t shy away from a bad review when required. A notable exception was James receiving a ban on watching the Matrix 3 after a poor review upset producers!

James believes that 2015, a huge year for film, will see digital platforms working well in compliment of traditional media and that this will build a great experience for the consumer who can access key information more readily than ever. In an era where catalogues of content like Netflix are cheaper for a month than one trip to the cinema, the consumer expects as much as they can get for their money.

He left us with thoughts that we can only expect incredible things from Star Wars VII in the hand of the Abrahams Team, that he has no problem with Ben Affleck as Batman and that he was once dressed down by Sir Christopher Lee for misrepresenting a quote.

Ian Wright was next up and opened strong with an alarming description of the troubles his new diet is causing him. Since retiring from football Ian is enjoying golf, Wimbledon and spending time with his children in between his sessions on Absolute Radio.

Rock ‘n’ Roll football is a great example of how a unique and playful approach, that cuts through tradition and expectations, can result in award-winning content production and strong viewing figures. Rock ‘n’ Roll football is not afraid of tackling the controversial, inviting plenty of audience interaction and discussion but Ian stressed that enjoying the game as entertainment and not getting bogged down in too much detail maintains the light-hearted tone of the show.

Naturally football was also discussed, with Ian’s greatest concern for the modern game being the greed and lack of respect amongst youth teams – it could perhaps be the money but he also believes that the progression from new player, in reverence of the veterans, to confident journeyman footballer, which kept players hungry and humble, is now missing.

Wrighty wrapped up his session with nostalgic thoughts on Kevin Keegan being his hero, Dennis Bergkamp being the greatest player to play with and that the sound of his studs hitting the ground was what fired him up for every game.


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