OMD FWD – 6th September 2019

????Hot off the press???? more updates on Instagram’s new messaging app reveal Threads will allow users to opt in to automatic sharing of real-time information about where they are and what they are doing.

Meanwhile in China, WeChat has restricted access to the viral app Zao on it’s messaging platform after controversy about it’s user policy.

Will there ever be a consistent approach to privacy on messaging apps?

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Play on Spotify! Facebook stories adds
15-second song preview feature for music lovers to share their favorite songs.

“Find what matters” with Google Search’s new hero campaign, which showcases the magic of search for businesses.

With Instagram & Facebook rolling out the hiding of “likes”, find out how brands can still measure success on social platforms without them.

The rise in fake news continues! How can brands protect themselves and their brand equity against future media hoaxes?








When online meets offline – internet rental company, Le Tote, buys America’s oldest department store chain, Lord & Taylor, for $100 Million.

AR ads are expected to generate $13 billion dollars by 2022. Take a look at how AR has improved consumer experiences for the better.

Data sharing is not dead! Over two-thirds of internet users say they would be interested in sharing their data in exchange for discounts.

Is Facebook ready for 2020? Hear Alex Stamos, Facebook’s former Chief Security Officer, explain how Cambridge Analytica changed Facebook forever.


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