OMD FWD – 23rd August 2019

????⚠️WARNING DATA BREACH⚠️There has been a lot of news surrounding the increased concerns behind tech platforms’ use of data. The recent Netflix documentary ‘The Great Hack’ is bringing this into the spotlight even more.

As a response to the increasing scrutiny, tech platforms have been making moves to put the power back into the hands of the users and creators. Facebook have finally allowed users to turn off data gathering from outside websites and apps. Meanwhile, YouTube changed their copyright enforcement policies around music, meaning creators no longer have to claim music rights for their videos.

Bad news for the music industry and data miners, but power to the people!

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How Google’s AI Lab has created a real hand tracking algorithm that could transform sign language forever.

Coming soon… Facebook’s new cinema ad format set to increase buzz around studio releases.








Disrupt to sell? Retailer Kohl’s connects with Instagram to help bring Insta-famous brands into its stores.

Find out why Vimeo is thriving as the anti-YouTube and what the CEO’s plans are for the future.









Google host the second Stadia Connect live event at Gamescom showcasing exciting partner developments.

6,5,4,3,2,1… Twitter launches a viewable ad bid which only charges brands for videos viewed for at least six seconds.

Can you co-exist with robots? Reports show that by 2022 more than 54% of employees will require upskilling or training in order to compete.

Not a snap decision! A Snapchat business report shows that 59% of users are more likely to consider multiple vehicles in their buyer journey.







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