OMD FWD- 11th October

If you haven’t heard of TikTok, have you been living under a rock? As one of the fastest-growing global social networks in history, popular brands are already loving the platform. Now having overtaken popular apps in downloads, other tech companies want a piece of TikTok’s success.

Google are considering acquiring social video-sharing app Firework to challenge TikTok. Facebook have already attempted to replicate TikTok’s success through their own social mobile TV app called Lasso, which they released in 2018. Snap also wanted in on the action and have been experimenting with adding TikTok-style features to its filters. The battle of the apps commence, who will come up on top?

Levi’s and Google team up to create a smart denim jacket that enhances every day experiences through hand gestures.

Instagram tests AR ‘try on’ ads with selected brands, where users will be able to actively engage with products virtually.

Instagram launches a @Creators account that provides top tips and tricks on ways to use the platform’s new tools.

Tinder releases their first ever interactive TV series called ‘Swipe Night’. Which way will you decide to swipe?














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Sugar, spice and all things nice… Group Nine Media acquires female-focused lifestyle brand ‘PopSugar’, which has been reported to be valued at $300m.

REESE’s Candy opens the doors to a haunted house Facebook Live event, where 32 specially selected guests will have an experience they’ll never forget.

What were you doing on Friday 13th? According to Snapchat’s September Trends Report, Canadian Snapchatters were dodging sidewalk cracks.

Sony’s next console is…PlayStation 5, set to arrive during the holiday season in 2020. What features will the next-gen console hold?


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