Ad Week: Discussing loyalty: When The Only Constant Is Change

Easy Come, Easy Go – Do we really have to change?

Day in, day out, loyalty is being disrupted.  A varied panel from three different organisations including the Head of Marketing at EE, Chief Policy Officer at Starling Bank and the UK Marketing Director at Just Eat, join together to discuss what ideas they have on maintaining their customers’ loyalty.

52% of consumers have switched providers in the past year due to poor customer service.  In the UK alone, poor customer service costs businesses £201 billion due to their consumers switching.

According to this panel, the key to keeping their customers’ loyalty is:

  • To know and understand what their customers need on an individual level – Ben Spencer, EE
  • Give their users a more ‘Facebook’ like user journey – Megan Caywood, Starling Bank
  • Becoming the middleman who understands their customer needs on a more intimate level – Ben Carter, Just Eat

With new businesses joining the world every day (20,000 business pages set-up by the hour on Facebook) what can we expect in the future that will keep us loyal to our brands? With the brands this panel represents in mind, we can expect Voice Recognition features, Virtual Reality experiences and even Robots to come our way.

The most recent brand to introduce a new way of maintaining loyalty is KLM.  With a good messaging strategy, they have introduced a Facebook messaging service allowing all customers to liaise with their customer service team via the ‘Messenger’ app 24/7.  The idea of this is that when you book a flight, you will receive confirmations, reminders and boarding passes by message allowing a smooth and easy transition.

A question to ask yourself is “how many loyalty cards do I have?” If your answer is more than 10 get ready for some changes that will blow your mind!


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