Meet Mojo and Zo – OMD UK’s Creative Interns

Creative duo Martin and Zoe (Mojo and Zo) graduated from the School of Communication Arts in July and are currently on the agency placement circuit. They recently spent two weeks at OMD UK as part of our sponsorship of the school. Here are Zo’s thoughts on the experience.

 Long before starting the placement at OMD UK, I had a really good feeling about it. I can’t really explain it. Actually, when I first heard of OMD UK for the very first time (whilst at SCA), my first thought was ‘Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’ – just because I’m young doesn’t mean I don’t know good music – I had no idea what to expect, except knowing that it wasn’t like a traditional advertising agency. It was going to be different – I liked that.

On my first day, I was ridiculously early and waited outside for Martin – until I got cold. Once in, I got my temp card and somehow managed to escape getting my photo taken – Martin wasn’t so lucky. We were greeted by Kadie who gave us a tour of the agency. I remember thinking it was pretty small with a great vibe. The agencies I’ve experienced before have all been pretty big. So it was a good change. Throughout the day we met the team! Rosie, Dani, Clare and Ann. I really appreciated how much time they gave us and got us straight onto a brief.

What I really liked was the way everybody collaborated when working on a brief. There were so many brainstorms where everyone could contribute.  There wasn’t the usual ‘pass it on’ procedure from the accounts to the creatives, which I find really frustrating at times. It’s almost like playing Chinese whispers.

It was great to hear everyone’s ideas, which also helped push our own. It felt like everyone was on the same page.

I love that insights are at the heart of OMD UK. I enjoy searching for insights just as much as the idea itself. You were free to go wild and then refine the idea as it develops. It felt natural.

Two weeks flew by, like I knew it would. In such a small amount of time I felt like I experienced quite a lot, from the OMD Share session, the Your Voice launch, brainstorm meetings and getting to know everyone. I genuinely enjoyed myself and in the end I left reluctantly.

I want to say a huge thank you to Ann, Rosie, Dani and Clare for welcoming us and helping us so much. You made it a great experience.

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