OMD UK launches ‘Your Voice’

Your Voice is OMD UK’s first qualitative online community to empower real Brits to have their say on the key topics influencing and shaping the Future of Britain.

Born from OMD UK’s long standing commitment to be culturally connected, OMD UK’s Insight team engaged nearly 100 Brits with different age ranges, backgrounds and household constellations to be critical, educational, inspirational and entertaining.

British culture is complex and multi-faceted so making sense of it can be extremely powerful. Your Voice is designed for our clients to join forces with real Brits to address and discuss complex questions and pressing topics, allowing us to develop communications strategies with real insight at their heart. With Your Voice we will delve into the different emotional and rational dimensions of Brits to bring the share that brands and products hold in Brits lives into context and perspective.

What is great about Your Voice is that we are able to align our members by interests, point of views, purchase and decision making behaviours. For example, after asking our community whether the Emission Scandal is relevant at all in their perceptions of VW, we could quickly determine three groups: “new rejecters”, “diehard loyalists” and “objective rationals” to advance prominent issues that have an impact on future decision making in the car purchase process, brand strength of VW and new alternative car brand considerations, and more globally Germany’s reputation for trustworthiness.

A diverse mix of blogs, discussions, videos & pictures, collages, diaries, quick polls and heat maps will leverage the natural consumer expertise of our Brits. The community will encourage them to embed themselves more deeply in what really matters to them in order to foster innovative thinking and generate content for respective category, brand and product.

Your Voice is a platform that acts like an effective megaphone for different generations to make their voices heard. The contributions will feed directly into client’s media strategies and the thinking of OMD UK’s proprietary research Future of Britain.

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