Meet Harriet Wolfe, New Business Graduate at OMD UK

So here we all are counting down the days until Christmas, when we can eat, drink and, excusing the pun, be merry. However, it has slowly dawned on me amongst the talk of buying Christmas presents and trying to visit every Christmassy-themed attraction in London that I only have five days left in my first rotation here at OMD UK and I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone!

What is the graduate rotation programme?

The graduate rotation programme at OMD UK is a yearlong programme whereby we get the opportunity to rotate around four different teams in the business staying in each for three months. I’m now sadly coming to the end of my first three months in the New Business and Marketing team.

My first rotation

It barely feels like yesterday that I walked into reception like a nervous looking fresher. However, since then I feel like I have learnt so much from so many people, not just in my team but across the business. My work has been varied since starting in October and I have especially enjoyed working on pitches! OMD UK is an incredibly fun place to work, from the shakey trolley that’s pushed around the office every Friday afternoon to the annual Ski trip, there’s something for everyone and you can feel the passion as soon as you walk through the agency doors.

No two days have been the same which has made it really interesting and exciting, so I thought I would share a brief summary of the work I have enjoyed the most.

New business does what it says on the lid. It’s not just about the process, it’s also about getting the right type of new business into the agency. During my time in the team I have not only been involved in several pitches, but I have also done work on prospective clients and learnt lots about many different industries.

I have been involved in writing case studies, completing PQQ’s, RFI’s, RFP’s and many other things with acronyms I had to get to grips with! I have learnt a lot about not just our offering at OMD UK but also the different types of business we pitch for. I have spent plenty of time with my nose in company reports!

Furthermore, working with pitch teams is an excellent way to meet and work with new people from all over the company from Insight to Investment! Not only do I recognise faces from floor to floor but I now understand in more detail what other teams do to service our huge portfolio of clients.

Marketing is also a really important part of the agency and I have supported on both internal and external comms as well as our media owner Christmas party which as you can imagine was great fun!

What has also been brilliant was taking part in Knowledge Express, our internal training programme for grads and getting to go on numerous training courses that have really helped me understand the industry, data and technology.

I have loved working in the New Business and Marketing team and want to use this as an opportunity to thank them for making me feel so welcome and for all their help and support. I am very sad to be leaving!

After Christmas, I will be moving down two floors to Investment, where I will be until the end of March. I am excited to meet and work with new people and learn about a different part of the media industry. I will let you know how I get on in my next rotation!


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