Meet Ann-Marie Loughney

Ann-Marie is one of two OMDers to have recently been included in Campaign’s prestigious “30 under 30” list. We were keen to talk to her about the best moments in her career so far and find out what she loves most about working at OMD UK.

Can you tell us a bit more about your role and why you are (obviously) so good at it?

My role in the Digital Development and Technology team is to accelerate digital across our clients – it’s a relatively new role within OMD UK which is great as we are able to shape the role as best fits our clients’ businesses. The role can be quite varied day to day from educating people about the role of digital through to upskilling clients to be brave enough to innovate through to developing roadmaps to help with adoption of emerging platforms. I’m lucky to work across PepsiCo which is a very fast paced account so there is no time really to be bored and always something new to learn. There is a lovely mix of science and creativity to my role which suits me well.

What was the best moment of your career so far?

There have been a few great moments but working on Pepsi Max at the height of ‘viral’ content was really fun and definitely stands out; from Dynamo hanging off the side of a bus to a guy running a loop the loop the Pepsi Max Unbelievable content really did get everyone talking about the brand. It was impressive to see how quickly good content can scale and how effective it was at driving business results – being relatively fresh into my digital career it was a dream to be working on such a fun digital-first brand and exciting to win a Cannes Lion off the back of it!

Did you always know you were going to end up in the marketing industry?

I definitely fell into my job in media but my degree was in English and Communications so I was probably never going to fall too far away from the industry.

What do you like most about working at OMD UK?

The people, absolutely. From my team to my clients, I feel very lucky to work with such a talented bunch of people. Another great thing about working at OMD UK is the breadth of the role the media agency can now cover within marketing. I’ve worked at the agency for 6 years now and the type of place it is now verses when I first started is really quite different which is exciting to be part of a business that is constantly adapting to reflect the pace of the market and the changing needs of our clients.


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