This Week in Digital – 7th May 2012

Twid-May-7 OMD

What’s happened this week:.

What we have learned:

  • 67% of UK smartphone owners have used a location based service and 61% have streamed video, these are rapidly becoming mainstream behaviours.
  • One in four Britons claim to watch more TV on demand than via linear broadcast according to YouGov.
  • 47% of UK m-commerce happens in the home (as a quick and easy replacement for purchase on a PC).

Cool stuff:

Where to find more:

  • Facebook Edgerank is fast becoming one of the web’s most important attention algorithms; to be successful a brand needs to play by its evolving rules.
  • Twitter was once designed as a podcasting service and YouTube was going to be a video dating service, how the web’s biggest success stories learned to change course quickly.
  • The redefinition of print, and of TV. The future of traditional media channels lies in redefining their role in the digital landscape.

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