This Week In Digital – 5th June

What’s happened this week:

  • CNN and buzzfeed announced a major investment in video news content on the YouTube platform. It is a sign of the kind of ‘old and new’ media tie up we can expect to see much more of.
  • The annual All Things Digital conference saw the technology elite discuss the impending near future of wearable computing and the impact of billions of sensors on every sector.
  • A new KPCB Internet trends deckfrom Mary Meeker was released at  the ATD conference including observations such as;
    • Over half a billion photos are shared each day online.
    • 11 hours of audio is uploaded to soundcloud each minute.
    • 24% of the world’s online population shares everything or most things online.


What we have learned:

Cool stuff:

  • *#Dream40 is Shakespeare seen through the eyes of the Internet, a fascinating experiment in Digital performance art from the RSC and Google.
  • Companies are increasingly using open government data to drive their services, from the social impact of products to reliability of cars.
  • Fanhattan is a new set top box  that integrates all of our diverse TV sources into one universal EPG.

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