This Week in Digital – 3/10/13

What’s happened this week:

  • Google announced that by default all search activity will be securely encrypted resulting in changed approaches to search insight and an even greater need for integration across business units.
  • Amazon announced a video native ad product, an interesting move considering 56% of consumers would consider shopping by video.
  • Facebook announced plans to deliver analytics to US broadcasters about engagement with shows primarily as a response to Twitter’s second screen innovation.

What we have learned:

Cool stuff:

Where to find more:

  • Clear arguments on the economic challenges and opportunities in Digital for newspapers from Google Chief Economist Hal Varian, it is all about regaining a share of engagement with ever more tightly defined audiences.
  • How retailers are cleverly using mobile to drive innovation in omnichannel retail, from the app that removes the wait to pay a restaurant bill to the indoor map to find specific grocery products.
  • The recent techstars demo day featured 10 of Europe’s most innovative technology startups.

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