This Week in Digital – 2nd August

What’s happened this week:

  • Microsoft admitted they haven’t sold as many Windows 8 tablets as they’d hoped, whilst Nokia tells them to make more apps for users.
  • Facebook mobile ads considered a huge success with sales soaring, with Facebook projected to take 13% of the global mobile-advertising market this year.
  • Google launches Chromecast, a low-cost  Apple TV competitor, whilst Sky released an internet connected box for their Now TV.
  • Brands jump on the Royal Baby bandwagon via social media, whilst his arrival generated 94 million visits to the news and media category on Monday 22nds July, creating the biggest online news day of 2013 so far, according to Experian Hitwise (For context average daily visits is 64 million so far for 2013).

What we have learned:

  • Conversion rates from visitors to sales for online retailing in May 2013 rose by 20% when compared to the same month in 2012. However, the average basket size has actually fallen to £77 from £83 in 2012, indicating a change in consumer behaviours.
  • More budget is going into mobile search but CTRs are beginning to fall.

Cool stuff:

  • The ‘Internet of Things’ meets football in with the Adidas Snapshot app.
  • Mentos creates ‘news report’ based on user’s Facebook profiles.
  • Madeline camera captures the molecular makeup of a smell and outputs little scent memory capsules
  • Inventions by Swiss retailer MiCasa Lab that you never realised you wanted; a lamp that forecasts the weather by dispensing a cloud made from liquid nitrogen, mobile phones designed to worn be as piercings, air-powered motorcycles and, yes, flying carpets for pets.

Where to find more:

  • Metadata maps 3bn tweets since 2011 to create mobile operating system maps and identify specific streets popular with tourists.
  • Brands have not embraced Facebook hashtags, with only 20% of Facebook posts from the Interbrand 100 using them.

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