This Week in Digital – 29th April 2013


What’s happened this week:

  • AT&T released a connected home security product, illustrating how Digital technologies are allowing brands to extend into previously unrelated sectors.
  • New TV formats were announced that cross traditional media boundaries;
    • @SummerBreak is a new reality show that will air entirely across Social platforms.
    • The Million Second Quiz from NBC will run 24/7 online and in primetime TV.
  • Facebook bought Parse, a cloud based mobile backend, whilst Google bought Wavii a natural language engine to turn content into data.

What we have learned:

Cool stuff:

 Where to find more:

  • The Database of Affinity is a new concept for marketing from Forrester that describes the various interests and permissions of consumers defining the rules of their marketing game.
  • Netflix have published their vision for the future of TV in which ‘linear TV is popular and ripe for replacement’.
  • *Data Science of the Facebook world, Wolfram Alpha has created a deep statistical analysis a large Facebook dataset; the average 20 yr old has 400 friends, the average 60 year old around 50.

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