This Week in Digital – 28th May 2013

What’s happened this week:

  • The final major console of the eighth generation, the  Xbox One, was announced by Microsoft with a focus on integrated living room entertainment rather than core gaming.
    • A tie up with the NFL illustrates future plans for sports coverage with a game layer on top of the live game feed.
    • Quantum Break is both a TV drama and a video game that mutually interact.
    • Nielsen has tied up with IBM’s Watson supercomputerto develop machine learning for media planning and measurement.
      • Amazon announced a fan fiction store for Kindle in which fans can sell licensed works based on favorite TV shows.

What we have learned:


Cool stuff:

  • Top Charts is a new way to look at real time search trends from Google.
  • Quantum Dot displaysare only one step away from full commercialisation bringing a huge leap forward in colour in all kinds of screens.
  • Record your favourite TV show with a tweet, an elegant piece of branded utility from a Brazilian broadcast platform.

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