This Week in Digital – 25th March 2013

What’s happened this week:


What we have learned:

  • BI’s latest Future of Mobile deck tells us that mobile devices outsell PCs  2:1, Apple and Google (Android) platforms support 60% of the world’s computing devices.
  • More people watch TV on a tablet in the bedroom than on a TV set.
  • Generation C represent the creative, connected community (rather than an age range) new research from Google illustrates how they consume (and produce) media differently.

 Cool stuff:

  • Cool uses of Augmented Reality from Japan including an amazing idea to create a kids version of a daily newspaper through AR.
  • Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows is being used for all sorts of serious applications from healthcare to retail.
  • Worldwide Maze is a Chrome experiment from Google Japan that converts any web page in to a playable maze on your smartphone.

Where to find more:

TWiD will take its Easter break next week, we will be back on the 8th of April.


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