This Week In Digital

What’s happened this week:

Twitter get ready for kick off early; allegedly opening auctions for 2014 World Cup inventory later this month.

Google launched Databoard a new home for their huge research dataset with powerful info-graphic tools.

Thom Yorke (Radiohead) announced on Twitter that he has removed his music from theSpotify streaming service in protest of their artist payment policy

What we have learned:

Mobile data traffic will increase 12x by 2018 – from the latest Ericsson Mobility Report & 10% of mobile users admitted to making online purchases whilst on the loo

Cool stuff:

‘Yourtour’ with Google is a personalised street view of the Tour De France illustrating how Digital technologies can activate major events in creative ways.

10 incredibly geeky, but cool, Internet of Things APIs that can turn our products in to services.

Where to find more:

The future of Supermarket shopping is being beta tested in stores around the world from fingerprint payment to the mobile wallet.

5 years on: 900,000 apps.

The New York Times Machine is an innovative way to digitally explore news archives.


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