This Week in Digital – 18 September 2013

What’s happened this week:

What we have learned:

  • 80bn things will connect to the Internet in 2020 up from 15bn in 2012 and 4bn in 2010.
  • Tablets look set to overtake PC shipments even faster than predicted. 1m more of the small form factor devices (vs. desktop and laptop PCs) will ship in Q4 2013.

Cool stuff:

Where to find more:

  • *The Modern Internet is defined by the algorithmically curated news feed, minimalistic responsive design and native advertising.
  • The Internet of Things has huge potential to drive economic growth, in the US alone up to USD 1.4trn or 5% of GDP by 2025.
  • We are beginning to live in the Age of Context, defined by sensors, proximity and real time data according to new work by Shel Israel and Robert Scoble.

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