This Week in Digital – 13th August 2012

Twid Gossip OMD

What’s happened this week:

  • Google+ results will no longer be prioritised over other social networks in search results
  • Google have also extended their new expandable Knowledge Graph on search results to all English speaking countries
  • Facebook’s Instagram purchase may be sent through to the Office of Fair Trading

What we have learned:

  • We are a nation of gossips who would rather sit in a 4 hour traffic jam listening to Polka music than give up social networking
  • Big Data is becoming the marketing term of the decade
  • In June we reached 5.3millions scans per month of QR codes
  • Usain Bolt’s 200 metres was the big draw on Twitter  as they collate all Olympic tweets

Cool stuff:

  • Volvo launch a augmented reality X-ray iPad app
  • Facebook have moved into legal gambling with a bingo app
  • Who knew that the London 2012 Olympic swimming pool is 357 Cadbury Crunchie bars long? Try the Cadbury Choculator

Where to find more:

  • A collection of infographics for your viewing pleasure including:
    • 50% of young people shop online every week
    • 52% of young people use social media to plan their summer holidays and 76% of people post photos while on holiday
    • Tablets in the US are used equally by men and women
    • Angry Birds exceeds 1 billion downloads globally

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