This Week in Digital – 11th September

What’s happened this week:

  • Microsoft bought Nokia’s handset business for USD 5bn and licenses to patents for USD 2.2bn.
  • Samsung, Sony and Qualcomm all launched smart watches; the Galaxy Gear, Smartwatch2 and Toq all feature a 1stgeneration smartphone’s computing power in a small wrist device.
    • Nissan announced the Nismo smartwatch concept to connect personal biometric data to real-time motoring data.
    • Google announced the next iteration of the Android operating system (4.4), interestingly branded Android Kit-Kat.

What we have learned:

Cool stuff:

  • AMC and the University of California at Irvine have teamed up to create a massive open online course around the TV show ‘The Walking Dead’, users learn about everything from disease control to the psychology of hope.
  • The Winston Show is a Pixar TV show for the iPad that kids can talk back to, a feature under 5s have expected of TV shows for decades.
  • The Million Second Quiz launches September 9th on NBC, an always on social-mobile quiz with a daily TV event and huge prizes.

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