This Week in Digital – 11/12/13

What’s happened this week:

  • Apple bought Topsy a social analytics firm for a reported sum greater than USD 200m.
  • Several of the world’s largest technology companies signed an open letter calling for a rethink on surveillance.
  • Google revealed a major initiative in robotics buying seven startups and putting Android founder Andy Rubin in charge.

What we have learned:

Cool stuff:

  • Audi Mind Race utilizes brain powered slot cars to showcase its R18 e-tron range.
  • Santa Tracker is an interactive advent calendar from Google.
  • Next Generation consoles, VR and touch less interfaces are driving new innovation in gaming in 2014.

Where to find more:

  • Business strategy in the digital age must embrace new principles such as transitory competitive advantage, semantic economics and Bayesian strategy.
  • Ad tech really can change the world, technology originally developed to optimise ad delivery is now being utilised to fight disease and keep city streets moving.
  • New approaches to break the filter bubble mean that we can again access content that challenges our established points of view.

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