This Week in Digital – 08/10/13

What’s happened this week:

  • The ‘…Got Talent’ and ‘The X Factor’ TV franchises both announced global YouTube channels, as single destinations for worldwide audiences.
  • Facebook and Cisco combined to provide a ‘free wifi for a checkin’ proposition for local retailers.
  • Apple bought cue, an aggregator of consumer social data feeds.

What we have learned:

  • UK Digital ad spend is up 17% to GBP 3.04bnfor the first 6 months of 2013.
    • Mobile spend (up 127% to GBP 492m) is now a significant driver.
    • The latest Ofcom Children and Parents Media Usage Report highlights that over half of UK children can now access a tablet.
    • The Internet world map shows the relative size of national online populations aligned to the ‘empires’ of their favorite sites; Google, Baidu and Facebook dominate the map.

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