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This week OMD is taking a closer look at the new creative possibilities in digital.

We have a series of events and challenges lined up to get us to think a little differently about what we can do with digital media beyond the tried and trusted techniques. As the landscape becomes ever more crowded, and the technology to target ever more sophisticated, we need to utilise creativity in all of its forms to make brands ever more distinctive.

Through the week we will be hearing from some excellent speakers who will highlight some of the best work from around the world and where they see creativity going next.

  • Monday 2nd: James Davies from Posterscope will be talking about the impact of digital on the real world. We will be looking at how digital content and services can be distributed through poster sites and mobile devices to generate new kinds of interaction.
  • Tuesday 3rd: Dave Coplin from Microsoft will illustrate his perspective on our changing relationship with technology and what that means for brands.
  • Wednesday 3rd: Indy Saha from Google Creative Labs will share some of the most creative work going on in digital and his thoughts about future directions.
  • Thursday 4th: Ben Kerr from Drum and OMD Manning Gottlieb’s Mike Florence will present a framework for digital creativity that allows us to tell better, more engaging stories.

We will also be discussing some of our favourite work from around the world and the recent Cannes Lions winners. If you’d like to get involved look for #omddcw through week, we are hoping to see it pop up in some fairly surprising places.


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