This week we explore our favourite recent digital campaigns. If that old school categorisation makes you bristle, then we feel we should point out that we’ve also been referring to these as “Our Favourite Campaigns That We Recently Viewed On A Desktop Using An Internet Browser”.

Simply put (in media speak) we wanted to hero campaigns that we think used digital platforms and behaviours particularly well, so let’s go with it …

First up Dani discusses Jurassic World and Berghain Trainer:

I’m afraid I’m cheating a bit as my pick this week isn’t real (or that recent, but I only came across it yesterday so give me a break ok?). Students from Miami Ad School thought of a way to use the Google Chrome dinosaur to promote the Jurassic World film. It’s smart, it’s simple, and a great example of the fun things that can happen when creative doesn’t conform to channels and platforms. Reminder to self: everything is media. I also love that Paul Arden “whatever you think, do the opposite” attitude at play here. Who says blockbuster films have to be promoted blockbuster style?

Jurassic World Prommotion Idea from Miami Ad School on Vimeo.

Speaking of attitude, a notable mention must go to the also-not-for-a-brand Berghain Trainer.  A hilarious embrace of the Berlin club’s notorious entry policy, this website is also impressively well made. Face recognition, built-in cinematic, the works. So *that’s* what creative technologists do…

Rosie explores the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence – “Sign Their Yearbook” campaign:

I love seeing people using a platform for a purpose. It reminds me of the potential we have in media to make real change. We understand how to reach people, where to talk to them, who is the right person to talk to. We can create work that resonates with our audience and really speaks to them.

This campaign from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence is a familiar concept in an unfamiliar context. Americans are familiar with signing yearbooks.  The millions of young people who will sign each other’s yearbooks this summer are desensitized to bloody, gory campaigns. They are ‘slacktivists’ who want to simply swipe and move on.  So how do you get them to care about an issue which could affect their peers and families future safety? You put it in a context they understand. Without regulated gun control, you might not get to sign your friend’s yearbook. It’s powerful. Simple. It gets the messages across. Sign the digital yearbook and you’ve signed a petition. One step. One key message. Hopefully one amazing outcome.


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