Thinking Outside the Box

When talking about ideas and creativity the phrase ‘thinking outside the box’ is used so often it probably belongs in a box somewhere. But, what does it actually mean?

To many it could mean wacky ideas, the crazy ones that you know your boss will never sign off. To others the phrase means risky ideas, the kind that make you nervous – but you desperately hope will be worth the leap of faith.

To me, thinking outside the box has always been about finding the untrodden paths and undiscovered routes. Sometimes when creating ideas our first instinct is to say ‘this can’t be done’. However, with today’s tech innovations at our fingertips is anything impossible anymore?

A perfect example of this is a Pizza Hut activation from Hong Kong. The insight was that pizza and movies are a classic pairing. This is something we all know. What makes this different though is Ogilvy and Mather HK turned the everyday Pizza Hut boxes into projectors which worked with a mobile phone.  No wires. No fuss. Just pizza and movies elevated for a modern audience. That to me is thinking outside of the box.


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