The Potential of Pinterest

Pinterest can often conjure up images of brides wedding planning, health junkies pinning multiple wellbeing quotes or picture perfect plates of food. It’s all about the future. About desires. The life, the house, the body  you want to have.  But, is there more to the platform than this?

In the US, millennials have bumped up their use of Pinterest more than any other social network, according to data from the Harvard Institute of Politics. Between Autumn 2013 and Spring 2014, the percentage of 18-29 year olds using Pinterest rose from 25% to 33%, a greater adoption increase than Snapchat.

Pinterest users also tend to be affluent. Active users are said to have a 9% higher average income than non-users.

So, we know the platform is doing well. What does this mean for brands? According to recent research released by Millward Brown, an incredible 87% of Pinterest users have purchased a product because of Pinterest. They also found that 93% have used Pinterest to plan for future purchases. This all makes Pinterest a very interesting prospect for our brands and clients.  It also differentiates it from other social platforms where the purchase intent is lower.

Creatively, Pinterest is still in its infancy, with no brand really cracking the channel…yet.  Pitnerest recently introduced cinematic ads and Wendy’s (the American fast food chain) have used them well.  Hear more about them here.

Personally, I think that while Pinterest is still in its creative infancy and is a more niche platform than a behemoth such as Facebook, there is untapped opportunities here. I can’t wait to see what ideas hit the platform next!


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