The First Time

My favourite advert of the week comes from Ikea.

Many of us forget the joy of discovering something new for the first time. We take for granted not only the high tech elements of our lives but also the simple pleasures.

What Ikea has managed to do is create a fresh interpretation of the ‘Wonderful Everyday’ creative platform. The cast of energetic monkeys from the Jaguar Rescue Centre in Costa Rica play up to their roles beautifully as they explore their purpose built kitchen in the middle of the rainforest. It’s hard to view this content and not get excited, the fun and joy is infectious.

Working in Media we often look to delight our audience in new and exciting ways, searching for the simplest of discoveries which have the power to make someone’s day. Whether that be a tech innovation or a new space to talk to someone, there is always the potential to create an element of discovery.

Look no further than the current excitement surrounding Apple Pay to see that the power of experiencing something new can still enthuse young and old alike.


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