Nothing is Impossible

Two weeks ago I posed the question “with today’s tech innovations at our fingertips, is anything impossible anymore?”

I still can’t get this thought out of my head. What if nothing is impossible anymore?

The great news for all the marketeers of the world is technology presents us with infinite creative options. If you can dream it then you can make it happen.

Recent innovations include ever more advanced drones, self-driving cars and Wi-Fi that helps prevent skin cancer.  These innovations are not just amazing advancements, they can and will fundamentally change our behaviour and how we interact with the world.

Technology has long been changing the way we behave. Photos are no longer taken just to capture important milestones, instead they capture moments – large or small. They are a language; or even a currency to the social butterflies. Apps such as Instagram and Snapchat are billion dollar companies thanks to their respective takes on the humble photograph.

With an eye on what could be next, I’m sharing with you my top three innovations of the week:

  • A Sun Cream Bottle which syncs with your phone so that you know when to reapply
  • An Airport Portal which can let you know what the temperature feels like in any destination
  • Blackspot Beacons for drivers, which automatically alert you to dangerous stretches of road

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