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It’s well known among my colleagues how much I loathe emoji campaigns. While I might be as friendly with the smiling-cat-with-heart-shaped-eyes as the next millennial, the constant stream of brands creating stickers to shimmy their way into conversation makes me feel angry-face. Drink emojis. Food emojis. Girl emojis. TV emojis. Board up the bandwagon, guys, this train is surely full.

Or perhaps not. Apple, the bandwagon pilot themselves, has just replaced their gun emoji for a toy water pistol and it’s my favourite thing of the week. With a simple redesign of the Unicode Consortium they’ve made corporate emojis – which require downloading a separate keyboard  to use them –  look like a user experience nightmare. Not that UX is the most impressive thing about this idea, of course. Apple has entered the gun violence debate quietly (they didn’t even make a statement) but this small move speaks volumes for the brand. They ain’t about violence.

Let’s see how Texas takes this one, shall we?

Idea of the week


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