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Insects in hotels. The premise of a particularly damning Tripadvisor review, or – in the case of Taylors of Harrogate – the formula for my favourite idea this week.

As part of a campaign to celebrate the bees that make the tea, (a strategy that beautifully sidesteps any hackneyed “our drinks are so fruity” messaging BTW), Taylors transformed a dollhouse into an itty-bitty bee hotel.  Borrowing heavily from The Grand Budapest Hotel in design, and with the frivolous luxuries you’d normally find in five-star suites, this is clearly for winged clientele of a certain colony.  I imagine worker bees are keeping an eye out for any last minute deals.

If you’re a human, the film (look at the critters munching on mini room service) is sure to satisfy our inexplicable penchant for tiny things.  It’s also meant to inspire action. Taylors want people involved by making their own bee residences. The website is full of bee-love and building instructions.

No mention of upturned pint glasses, though.  It seems “hostel for wasps” is not a thing.


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