Advertising Week 2020: Driving Attention- Good Creative is Not Enough

Overview of the session:

As consumers scroll through feeds and browse the web to continuously find fresh content, will good creative be enough to overcome our decreased attention spans? This session discussed the links between consumer attention, ad metrics, and campaign outcomes.

Key takeaways:

  1. The criteria for attention can be summarised by four helpful dimensions: 1) Opting into the ad, 2) Full viewability, 3) Engagement or interaction, 4) Duration.
  2. Research from Xandr,  shows the best way to drive attention is through increased relevance to the consumer, while Buzzfeed data shows native content is the most engaging.
  3. In online environments, shorter ads can pack a punch and drive actions as well as longer time-lengths.

Decreased attention means empathy planning, for example understanding the drivers and barriers of audiences, is more important than ever. Identifying channel typologies and the roles for channels & platforms, balancing relevancy with scale, and the smart implementation of creative media tactics are all crucial to capturing attention and effective campaign planning.

It is important to understand the immense competition for attention across feeds and online and not automatically assume that consumers will want to engage with your brand. Work with your insight and planning teams to cluster audiences and collaborate with creative teams to ensure ads are fully tailored to the consumer experience, and are as relevant as possible.

Memorable quote:

Consumers do want brands to talk about the impact of Covid-19, but in a helpful and constructive way. We are all in this together, and addressing the issues impacting consumers is one way advertisers can drive relevancy in these times. (A paraphrase of some True(X) research!).


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