A Tale Of Two Content Pieces

In the not too distant past, “going viral” would have been the dream of every marketing team. However, time has moved on and going viral isn’t enough.

Videos manage to rack up impressive numbers every second of the day. Now we want content pieces to create earned media, to be shared, tweeted and mimicked. We want positive action following the view.

With content being created by the second, how hard is it to stand out for the right reasons?

The answer – as you already know – is very tough!

To showcase how right or wrong you can go, I have two examples to share.

Both were released this week, within 24 hours of each other. One for an energy drink, the other for dog food.  Both have created buzz, but only one for the right reasons.

Hype Energy Drink

A beautifully shot piece featuring selfie-queen Kim Kardashian. However it lacks narrative, purpose and substance. Whilst it is gaining traction on social – not for the right reasons. Viewers are confused.


A funny piece where people are asked to try food before finding out it in fact contains dog food. The casting here is what adds the extra sparkle of magic. This has more views than the Kim K/Hype video and is also gaining more positive traction.



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