Talenthouse comes to OMD UK

A few weeks ago, Maya Bogle and Laura Campbell of Talenthouse came in to present to the Digital Community. Maya is one of the co-founders and currently heads up the London office.  The main idea of the presentation was to inspire us all and think about completely different ways of connecting brands with consumers.

Talenthouse is a global community of artists from art, film, fashion, music and photography that produce compelling content at scale for brands to use across owned, earned and bought channels.

We all know that brands want to be part of real conversations with consumers, and have a need for content. They also require influencers to help spread that content. On the other side we have the consumers, who love peer-to-peer conversations and discovering new content, but tend to ignore interruptive brand messages. In the middle lie the artists, the largest group of social media influencers, and a group who can provide a near infinite supply of original content. Talenthouse links brands with an established arsenal of artists, and helps inspire emotional connections while building advocacy and pushes organic sharing – all of which drives earned media and enhances SEO.

Their new advertising model also means that Talenthouse recognises and rewards its users, providing the artists with financial opportunities to make money from making art.

In the past, they’ve worked with musicians such as Ed Sheeran, Labrinth and One Direction, while also boosting the artistic careers of many underground artists across the globe. Gerard Butler saw the direction the company was heading early and became an investor, and Dave Stewart (of the Eurythmics) is the Creative Director. Their list of success stories is longer than most, and can be found here. Also, in line with their creative soul, they have produced a showreel, which you can watch here.


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