OMD UK gets pie faced

With a perfect combination of whipped cream and immense tension, Pie Face has fuelled hilarious videos that have turned it into a viral sensation with videos reaching over 7 million views on YouTube. It is therefore no surprise that Hasbro’s Pie Face won ‘Toy of the Year 2015”.

To celebrate at OMD UK, the Hasbro team hosted the ultimate Pie Face tournament. The agency headed to reception to pieticipate with a partner in the hope of not being PIED in front of the whole company. Contestants were encouraged to share photos on social media with the hashtag #OMDPieFace for a chance to win their very own board. Dan Clays, CEO was challenged to a game on stage but was defeated when the purple hand pied him with cream.

Pie Face Collage


Pie Awards:

The Keenest and the Winner of Her Own Board: Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor


The Most Blasé: Dan Clays

Dan Clays


PieEyed: Martha Harper

Martha Harper


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