Mo Bro Moments with Bradley Taylor

We’re all going through this one way or another. 

I for one can’t help but find myself in extreme low points with the consistent changes in government restrictions and adverse media.

The best way to describe my mental state in these low points is completely flat, unmotivated, unstimulated and unoptimistic.  Happiness doesn’t seem to come all too easily and I have even lacked the drive to pursue it.

In media we’re experts in knowing our consumers, yet many of us still don’t understand ourselves. But… I’m learning.

I wouldn’t say there are triggers for these low points, but I’m learning to focus on the things I can control and the things that keep me up rather than keep me down.

Some advice I can give to you when you find yourself in these flat periods: 

  • Keep on top of your diet and exercise. These are always the first to be dropped when you ‘can’t be bothered’ to cook a meal or go for a run but,  these are the two things that will keep your mind and body healthy. But also, don’t feel guilty for ordering a Chinese and throwing on a film you’ve watched 17 times
  • Limit how much news you consume
  • Limit how long you spend on social media
  • Focus on the little wins
  • Give compliments
  • Watch some David Attenborough, remember there is still a beautiful world outside your four walls
  • I’m terrible at calling people, but picking up the phone to check on others also allows them to check on you. Sometimes all it takes is one comment from a friend to help shift your mind set
  • Most importantly, make time for you. We all live with house mates, partners, children so try and make time for you and only you. Whether that is going for a walk, listening to music, having a long bath, reading a book without disruption with a nice cup of tea (or a large glass of vino).

Finally, know you’re not alone, I’ve spoken with countless people and they have all felt this way at some point throughout this year.

Useful Resources 

A few books I’ve read on mind management which I would recommend you check out:

The Chimp Paradox
You Do You

and some interesting Ted Talks:

The psychology of self-motivation
Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
Stop waiting for life to happen


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Bradley occupies a Client Leadership role at OMD UK.

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