Another OMD UK triumph!

‘Tis the season for success at OMD UK it seems and following on from spate of awards wins we can now proudly add a new achievement to our email signatures.

This time from the world of sporting endeavour…

On morning of Saturday 22nd of November, in somewhat disheartening weather conditions, two stalwart teams from OMD UK competed in the inter-agency league of the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest race at Wembley, under the watchful eyes of the Bobby Moore statue.

Such hallowed ground obviously inspired the teams to greatness as they climbed, trudged, waded, vaulted, carried, swung, crawled and ran through 11 torturous kilometres (including a RIVER!) before mounting the final assault on the finish line and the 10 foot high Wall of Fame!

Despite one valiant contender  (who will remain nameless but who’s initials are highlighted in bold somewhere below) getting a little caught up in the excitement and losing their way, one OMD squad managed to record an average group time strong  enough to see off all of the competition, notably M2M, MEC, Rocket, Yahoo, Google, ICW watches and Omega Pharma (yes, one half of Mark Cavendish’s cycling sponsors) crowning themselves:

Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest Inter-agency Champions 2014 (get that bad boy on the signatures!)

Beyond the obvious bragging rights, the team also net a cool voucher stash to help out with their Christmas shopping, be sure to pat the contenders on the back when you see them, it was a great day out and we look forward to smashing to opposition again next year.


The OMD UK teams were:

Team 1 (and champions)

Rob Feaver

Anna Ward

Callum Sergison

Sam “I go my own way” Josephs

Oli Moran


Team 2 (and heroes in their own right)

Libby Foster

Rosy Blyther

Clemmie Marcel

Matthew Woodman

Rich “I still love OMD” Willis


Honourable mention goes to Jack Matterson who trained exceptionally hard for this event, only to break his foot the week of the event. Legend.


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