A special night at the Marketing Society Awards

OMD UK teams had a fantastic showing at the Marketing Society Awards last night.

We won 4 (yes, that’s four) awards across easyJet and NSPCC – including the Grand Prix for easyJet.

The OMD UK team, our clients and partners helped deliver outstanding work to earn the following awards:

  • Grand Prix – easyJet
  • Customer Relationship Marketing – easyJet
  • Long Term Marketing – easyJet
  • Not For Profit – NSPCC

A lot of hard work has gone into these, so it’s only right that we give all those involved an honourable mention here:

For EasyJet:

Bryan Jago, Richard Maisey, Natalie Lock, Andy Hargreaves, Darren Southey, Ashwin Khanchandani, Elliot Preston, Mirela Land,  Robert Feaver, Paris De Reuck and Cherie Waller.


Jack Hemens, Hannah Shackleford, Lee Isaacs, Maia Weil-Obadia, Hamid Habib, Darren Southey, Mirela Land (those two again!), Leanne Longhurst, Sam Leech, and Henry Lewis,

A special mention also to easyJet who picked up a further two awards, the Financial Director’s Prize and the Marketing Leader of the Year which went to Peter Duffy!

It was an incredible night, and one that we hope to repeat very soon – thanks once again to everybody who made it possible.


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