Outsourcing memories

As per several of my previous blog posts and our Living with Future Britain study, the digital retreat is a growing trend and many are looking for a way they can detox from their digital lives.

Marketing magazine recently published an article that mentioned how we rely far too much on the digital world instead of using our memories that it’s actually making us forgetful!

“Our own memories are becoming lazy because they are not being ‘exercised’ as often as they used to be.” – If people are outsourcing their memory, it leaves brands with huge opportunities to play a role in this space. Take Google Glass as an example who have creatOur ed wearable tech that will use face recognition to inform the user of people’s names, details and social media activity.

Our Future of Britain study has found a great many people who say they want a break from digital but our actions seem to contradict our intentions. Instead of taking a few moments to remember something, often our first point of call is to “Google it!”. Could you imagine a world now without Google at the tips of your fingers?


Source: http://www.marketingmagazine.co.uk/article/1281842/forgetful-age—mobiles-replacing-memories


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