Motivating the Millennials

In phase one of Future of Britain we spoke a lot about how the younger generations appear to be the most stressed.



Now we’re beginning to see brands responding to this millennial anxiety, brought on by high unemployment and their on-going economic discontent, both by addressing the jobs issue directly and by aiming to inspire just as Levi’s new “Go Forth” advert does.

Several alcohol brands appear to be tapping into this target audience and their apprehensions on the future. Below is an example by Jonnie Walker that JWT featured in their anxiety index blog:

The campaign ‘Keep Walking’ is narrated by a man talking to his past self from five years ago. He is empathetic and plays on the frustrations that are no doubt felt by many of the millennial generation.

Budweiser launched their global music campaign “Made For Music,” with a filmic black and white 30” spot featuring Jay-Z amongst a host of creators and artists from around the world.

Apparently it is meant to capture the creative spirit of a global generation, showcasing the many ways people create and are punctuated with a bold super that expresses the ethos of the work, “It begins and ends with what you make.”

Below is Absolut’s ‘Transform Today’ campaign. It stars four young creative types making something of themselves:

Absolut’s VP of global marketing tells Forbes: “The campaign is to put a stake in the ground about what we believe in as a brand, which is ‘The future is not a given, it is what you create.’”

In phase one of FoB we asked 16-24s the ages they expected to reach certain life stages. Our conclusion couldn’t decide whether we think they’re optimistic or naïve.



These new motivational campaigns appear to be playing up to the aspirational side of the millennials and their want to leave a mark in the world. Some are describing these millennials as Generation Go. These brands are trying to push them to be resourceful and play on their entrepreneurial-minded selves instead of wallowing in the idea that their future is damned. Brands that tap into this spirit will definitely strike a chord. If not then at least we can all drown our sorrows in booze.


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