Let the human be the human

There’s a new movie out called Her. It’s a sci-fi. However, it’s not your normal sci-fi. In this film the technology isn’t in your face, flashy gizmos. No, in Her it recedes into the background, it’s seemingly all-knowing and able to respond with just the right pauses at just the right moments and it’s even capable of dealing with the varying moods of its users.

This is exactly what Mark Weiser, the father of ubiquitous computing, predicted should happen and it correlates with the findings of our latest Future of Britain study: Living with Future Britain. Weiser was a big believer in letting the human be the human and computer be the computer, and our study found that more and more people are retreating from technology, eager to break the chain binding them to their phone, screen, or internet connection. So, it’s really interesting that now even movies are understanding the need for calm technology, and the fact that this is seen as such a desirable, even realistic development will surely point to the direction of the technology industry’s evolution.

Will brands and media be able to rethink their approaches to audience engagement accordingly, and therefore thrive in a non-disruptive future?


Source: http://www.wired.com/design/2014/01/will-influential-ui-design-minority-report/


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