Future of Britain

15 year old Laiba Abassi watching an episode of TV favourite The Simpsons with her sister Fatimah (3). Her sister Ahareem (10) is playing card game patience on the computer. Laiba has another sister Maira (14), they both attend Villiers High School.

Villiers High School is in the town of Southall. It has a very wide ethnic diversity. 45 different 1st spoken languages are listed among the 1208 pupils. 25 ethnic groups are represented with Indian, Pakistani and Black-Somali the three highest.

Southall is a suburban district of West London, England. The town has one of the largest concentrations of South Asian people outside of the Indian sub-continent. Over 55% os Southall’s population of 70,000 is Indian/Pakistani, with less than 10% being White British.


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