Can brands persuade us to disconnect?

The desire for a digital retreat is becoming more apparent with the rise in brands adopting the trend. The most recent of these is the Brazilian beer brand, Polar, which has introduced the phone-blocking beer holder. It cuts off any phone connection within a 1.5 meter radius. The device was crafted to stop your friends for being on their phones the whole time you’re with them. The problem is a similar one to what some of our Future of Britain respondents voiced: “When out with my friends I feel ignored because they are always on their phones communicating that way rather than talking to each other!” Female parent, 30-34

They tie everything up very nicely with the slogan “Share a Polar beer, not a link”.

View the Polar ad here: 


Coca-cola have also addressed this trend with a more in-your-face approach, by recommending the use of a Social Media Guard.

View the Coca-Cola ad here: 




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