The on-board switch off

We’ve heard of people willing to pay more so they can fly on child-free flights and now it’s said that people will pay extra to sit on a plane without access to the internet.

Some of you may be looking rather bemused as you recall being asked to switch off all electronic devices in-flight, but technology has innovated so far that we can now make calls and access e-mails whilst 30,000 feet in the air.

An article from National Journal states that there are many willing people who would prefer the mile-high equivalent of a “quiet car” whilst flying. This example of taking a digital retreat is fully supported in our recent Living with Future Britain study. Travel used to be a time for people to switch off but now with wi-fi accessible even underground it’s getting a lot harder for many to escape. So why not offer those that want a retreat the chance to withdraw from the digital world when they please… at a price of course.



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